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Start off by prepping the dried sea moss. 

Steps To Prep -

  1. Remove a handful of the dried sea moss from the package. (there will be some sand and a sea smell to it at first but that is normal).
  2. Rinse the dried sea moss thoroughly (make sure to remove as much of the sand particles as possible).
  3. Take the cleaned sea moss and soak it in a filtered or spring water for about 4-8 hours. (The amount of time you soak the sea moss is entirely dependent on you but do not soak it for less than 4 hours).
  4. After soaking the sea moss, drain the water. You should be left with almost clear , expanded sea moss. (It will be twice the original size).


After prepping the sea moss and soaking it, you can move on to forming the gel.

Creating the Gel -

  1. Add the expanded sea moss and clean spring or filtered water into a blender.
  2. Blend the sea moss until it is smooth in consistency. Take a spoon and make sure there are no clumps left.
  3. If the sea moss gel is too thick , add more water and blend until you reach the desired consistency. 


Now you have sea moss gel. Let’s talk about where and how you should store it.

Storing your Sea Moss Gel - 

  1. Pour the gel into a glass container with a lid. Make sure the jar is glass not plastic. You should always keep a lid on your sea moss to sustain it.
  2. Keep the sea moss gel in the refrigerator. It will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks. That is why dried sea moss is great , you can make smaller batches as needed.

Sea moss is tasteless and can be added into anything. You can add 1-2 tablespoons to your morning coffee or smoothie. Whether you add it to your drinks or take it by itself you will still take in all the nutrients. 


If you wish to watch a video on how to prepare the sea moss gel - click the video below and watch our quick video tutorial:


  • I am trying it now, thank you

  • This seems easy enough for me to try and make this gel myself. Hopefully it works out. Will post results.

  • Hello I’ve been using CMOS for years I stopped using it and then I went back to it it really really helped me with losing weight and my diet and I felt so much better from it

  • I want some

    Dedrick cross
  • Can you add a flavor to the sea moss hell ?

    Albert Johnson

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