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Sea Moss for Hair Growth + 6 Hair Benefits

Last updated on November 14, 2022

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Along with all of the benefits that sea moss has for your health, there are also tremendous benefits for your hair.

Maintaining hair health and beauty can be challenging and expensive. So many products on the market claim to be magical but turn out to be inefficient or even toxic. 

Sea moss, scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, is natural, organic, gentle, inexpensive, and suitable for all hair types. Besides, research has finally backed up its hair growth superpowers! No wonder it’s one of the most on-trend hair products today!

Whether you prefer eating sea moss or applying its gel directly to your hair, you'll notice positive changes in a few days only. Nourished with over 90 nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, the hair and scalp quickly get healthier, stronger, smoother, and shinier.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of sea moss for your hair and learn how to use it correctly.

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Sea Moss For Hair Growth

Hair growth is the first reason why you should use sea moss in your hair.

While the mechanisms and the exact substances responsible for it aren’t clearly identified yet, research shows that seaweeds promote hair growth. They’re even widely used in hair growth products. One study[1] conducted on depilated mice found that the hair re-growth score was higher when the mice were treated with a seaweed solution.

Sea moss is a natural source of vitamins A and E. Vitamin E is a great mineral for combating oxidative stress, the primary underlying cause of hair loss and aging. Supplementation with vitamin E increases hair numbers and promotes a faster hair growth[2]. By boosting your vitamin E intake, eating sea moss regularly reduces hair loss and promotes new hair apparition.

In addition, sea moss reduces air breakage and improves overall hair health, ultimately strengthening hair and contributing to better growth.

Sea moss consumers usually report noticeable changes within a few weeks only.

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6 More Sea Moss Benefits for Hair

Sea moss is not good for hair growth only. You can reap numerous hair benefits from eating sea moss or applying its gel on your scalp. 

Hair conditioning

Sea moss gel is a great natural hair conditioner. It makes your hair smooth and manageable, even for the most difficult types.

You can use sea moss gel as a leave-in conditioner to help style your hair. It’s a very safe product that, unlike most industrial hair conditioners, contains no aggressive ingredients like parabens or harsh chemicals.

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Hair strengthener

Hair breakage is very common nowadays and may be caused by various factors, including overprocessed hair, toxic environment, pollution, chemicals, and aggressive ingredients in poor-quality hair care products, and others.

Sea moss strengthens your hair strands and helps reduce breakage. Having strong hair is essential for hair growth as well. Your hair can grow fast, but if it's weak, it will break as quickly as it grows.

Hair and scalp moisturizer

Moisturized hair is essential to keep your hair dandruff-free. The vitamin A in sea moss helps regulate sebum production on your scalp to get your hair hydrated and moisturizedbut not greasy.

Applying sea moss gel keeps your scalp healthier and soothes irritations. Remember that your hair starts on your scalp! To have great hair, you need a healthy scalp with well-balanced oil production and cell elasticity.

Hair revival

If you have dull hair like most people in the city, sea moss is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to most “revival” hair products.

Applying sea moss to dry and dull hair helps enhance its shine and revive the hair particles. This is particularly useful if you bleach your hair or use any kind of hair dyes and chemicals.

The fucoidans[3] contained in sea moss help eliminate free radicals and toxins, promoting hair cell regeneration, and resulting in healthier, shinier, and glossier hair.

Hair antioxidant

Sea moss is an excellent source of antioxidants for the body and works for the hair too!

The hair oxidizes whenever exposed to sun, UV light, chemicals, treatments, or colorations. As a result, it lightens, loses pigment, peels away, and becomes dull.

Applying sea moss gel on your hair, or consuming sea moss orally, provides antioxidants to combat oxidation and repair oxidized hair. It helps remove the toxins and product build-up in your hair, leaving it shinier and healthier.

Hair antimicrobial 

Sea moss also acts as a hair protectant from harmful bacteria. Applying sea moss to your hair creates a protective film that prevents bacteria from growing on your scalp. It helps prevent irritation, itchiness, and inflammation of the scalp.

How to Use Sea Moss on Hair? 

Sea moss can be consumed orally (raw, in gel, capsules, or gummies) or directly applied to the scalp or the hair. Your body will use the nutrients it absorbs by ingestion to strengthen your hair too.

The are several efficient ways to use sea moss on your hair, including:

  • Hair serum or leave-in conditioner. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Squeeze out the water and gently brush. Apply a small amount of sea moss gel to the lengths and tips. Dry and style your hair.
  • Pre-shower sea moss hair mask. Before showering, apply a generous amount of sea moss gel on your scalp, hair roots, lengths, and tips. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes before shampooing.
  • Add-on to your hair care products. Sea moss gel mixes well with hair care products. Add a tablespoon to your shampoo, conditioner, or hair serum before use.

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How long can you leave sea moss in your hair?

Sea moss is a safe, natural product. It's very gentle for the hair, and there are no risks of leaving it too long.

When making a sea moss gel hair mask, it’s best to leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes. It gives time for your hair to absorb all the nutrients. After that time, the gel starts to dry out, and there's little left to be absorbed.

Can you leave sea moss in your hair overnight?

You can leave sea moss in your hair overnight. However, there's not much point in doing so. As said above, the gel starts to dry out after 20-30 minutes, and your hair won't absorb more nutrients.

To maximize the benefits of sea moss for your hair, we recommend making a 20–30-minute hair mask twice a week. It will be more efficient than leaving the same gel on for an entire night.

How often can you put sea moss in your hair?

Most hair types tolerate sea moss gel well. It's very nourishing but non-greasy. We recommend using sea moss in hair 2-3 times a week.

Ideally, you will start with a sea moss hair mask once a week. Then, depending on how your hair reacts, gradually increase the frequency until you find what works best for you. 

Does eating sea moss help with hair growth? 

Yes, eating sea moss, whether in gel or raw, also helps with hair growth. When eating sea moss, your body absorbs the nutrients and "distributes" them to the parts that need them the most.

Hair health and appearance are highly impacted by the food we eat, both negatively and positively. Eating sea moss within a healthy diet will improve your hair, as well as your skin, and your overall health. 

Sea moss gel is an excellent addition to your hair care routine. The benefits are endless; the ones listed above are just a few. Having healthy and nourished hair could be as simple and inexpensive as that. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think!


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