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Our Mission

Organics Nature is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the use of natural and organic herbs, with a focus on the amazing superfood, sea moss. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality sea moss products that are sourced sustainably, to support them in their pursuit of better health and wellness. We are committed to enhancing lives by harnessing the power of nature, and believe that our sea moss products will be a valuable addition to anyone's daily routine. Join us on our mission to bring the benefits of sea moss and other natural herbs to more people and take control of your health and wellness today.


Influencer Program

At Organics Nature, we believe that collaborations are essential in promoting the benefits of sea moss and spreading awareness about its health and wellness benefits. That's why we are excited to offer our influencer program to those who have already tried and love our sea moss products.

If you haven't tried our sea moss yet, we encourage you to reach out to us and start your journey towards better health and wellness. As an influencer for Organics Nature, you will have the opportunity to join us in our mission to promote the power of nature and help others live healthier and happier lives. Our influencer program offers a variety of benefits to ensure a successful partnership.

Our influencer program is a great opportunity for you to share your passion for health and wellness with your audience and make a positive impact in their lives. Join us in promoting the benefits of sea moss and let's work together to help more people live their best lives.


Influencer Requirements

At Organics Nature, we take our partnerships with influencers very seriously and strive to ensure that each collaboration is a successful one. To that end, we have established the following requirements for our influencer program:

  • 10k+ Followers
  • 1k+ Views Average
  • 20k+ Followers
  • 6%+ Engagement Rate
  • 50k+ Followers
  • 10k+ Video Views Average

If you do not meet the requirements for our Influencer Program, we still have a way for you to earn with us. We offer an Affiliate Program, where you can earn commission for sharing products you already use and love from Organics Nature with your followers. There is no cap on earnings and you can easily join by creating an account and sharing your unique affiliate link. By becoming an Affiliate, you can still play a role in spreading the word about the power of sea moss and supporting individuals on their journey towards better health and wellness.

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By partnering with Organics Nature, you have the chance to bring the health and wellness benefits of sea moss to a wider audience. Our sea moss is of the highest quality and sustainably sourced, and we are committed to supporting individuals on their journey towards better health.

As a member of our Influencer Program, you will be a part of our mission to promote the power of natural and organic herbs, starting with sea moss. We are excited to collaborate with you and see the impactful content you will create.

So if you are ready to join the mission of Organics Nature and help spread the word about the incredible health benefits of sea moss, we invite you to provide your contact information. Let's work together to make a difference in the world of health and wellness through the power of sea moss

Reach our Marketing Manager Directly: brandon [at]