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Sea Moss Articles

  • Sea Moss Soap: Benefits & Recipes

    Sea moss soap is a gentle soap formulated with Chondrus Crispus seaweed. It’s an all-natural and soothing alternative to harsh synthetic cleansers that often cause skin irritation and dryness.
  • Sea Moss Gel Vs. Capsules & Powder: Which is Better?

    Sea moss supplements come in several forms, including gel, capsules, powder, gummies, or raw.  Let’s look at the pros and cons of each and learn how to best consume this superfood!
  • How Long Does Sea Moss Last & How to Store it Properly?

    Fresh sea moss and sea moss gel must be stored in the fridge, while dry sea moss, capsules, or powder can be kept in a dry, cool place. How long are these sea moss products good for?
  • Does Sea Moss Help with Anxiety and Depression?

    Several minerals and vitamins found in sea moss are proven to positively impact one’s mood and help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Learn more here.
  • How is Sea Moss Different from Other Seaweeds?

    Is sea moss a seaweed and what differentiates it from other algae like kelp, spirulina, nori, wakame, or Bladderwrack? Why is it so unique?
  • How Does Sea Moss Give You More Energy?

    Sea moss is loaded with minerals and vitamins that increase energy levels and help treat chronic fatigue. Consumers feel more energetic after 1 to 2 weeks!
  • How to Make a Sea Moss Face Mask? 5 Recipes!

    5 Sea Moss Face Mask Recipes easy to make at home. Acne-fighting face mask with sea moss + tea tree. Anti-aging mask with sea moss and honey. More!
  • Why is Sea Moss So Good for Blood Pressure & Heart Health?

    Sea moss helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and promote weight loss, all of which ultimately reduce heart disease risks. Learn more here.
  • The Truth About Sea Moss Side Effects

    Sea moss is mostly safe but like any food, it can cause mild side effects including bloating, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, thyroid disorders, and others. Here's an honest disclosure of all possible side effects of consuming sea moss.
  • Why Your Kids Should Eat Sea Moss Too!

    Sea moss's diversity of nutrients strengthens children's bodies from the youngest age, boosts babies' immune system, promotes a better digestion, and ultimately decreases the risks of health conditions at the adult age.
  • 10 Great Sea Moss Drink Ideas and Recipes!

    A great way to add sea moss to your healthy lifestyle is to have sea moss drinks. Sea moss gel and powder dissolve in water very well, so you can add them to any of your preferred beverages.
  • Why We Love Sea Moss Gummies (and you should too!)

    Sea moss gummies are a fun way of incorporating sea moss into your lifestyle.  But are they really that healthy? What benefits to expect? How to make them at home?