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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Sea Moss

Sea moss or Irish Moss is an alga which has been a staple superfood in Jamaica , Ireland, and the Caribbean. Lately, sea moss has been gaining popularity in America as the ultimate superfood. With this popularity also comes myths that are associated with sea moss. Since sea moss is not a typical food you would find in an American diet, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. Despite these misconceptions, the benefits that sea moss is known for like boosting the immune system and supporting overall health, still has many people curious.

In this blog, we will be debunking myths and misconceptions about sea moss. So you can feel more comfortable about integrating it into your diet.

Myth One - Sea Moss Tastes Bad

A common myth about sea moss is that it has a horrible taste. But that is absolutely not true. Although sea moss is not the most visually appealing , it actually is tasteless. That’s why it is so easy to add to different dishes. You can add sea moss into any dish or drink without worrying about it altering the taste of your drink or dish and making it foul.

Sea moss is a great plant-based substitute for gelatin , as a thickener in desserts. You can add sea moss into smoothies and juices, and you can even add it to your dressings, soups, and more!

Myth Two - Sea Moss Benefits are too Exaggerated in History

If you’ve ever wondered why sea moss has been incorporated into diets for so many years it is because of the incredible benefits it has. Sea moss has been mentioned in history not only for its health benefits when consumed but for various other reasons.

Sea moss has been used for mattress stuffing, thickener , cattle feed and a health supplement. It has also been known to help protect against illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Sea moss has been popular for many years throughout many cultures for the various health benefits and uses it offers. The reality is that sea moss is not exaggerated in history , it is just that good!

Myth Three - Sea Moss is like Carrageenan Extract

Another popular myth is that sea moss is just like carrageenan extract. However, sea moss is different from carrageenan extract. Most carrageenan extract is clinically processed and does not contain much of the natural nutrients that sea moss has. And although sea moss contains 55% carrageenan, it is unprocessed and only provides the rubbery texture to sea moss. Sea moss is high in nutrients , natural and unprocessed , which is why it is not like carrageenan extract.

Myth Four - You can eat as much Sea Moss as you want

Like most things - too much sea moss is not good. Since sea moss is rich in iodine, it helps the body produce thyroid hormones that also assists in helping the different processes of the body, like the metabolism. So indulging in too much sea moss can harm your body. That is why it is recommended that you only take 1-2 tablespoons a day to keep the iodine levels balanced.

Although sea moss is a natural product , the nutrients in sea moss can be too much for the body to handle if it is overused. So it is a myth that you can eat as much sea moss as you’d like just because it is natural.

Myth Five - Sea moss is a Magic Cure

Sea moss has definitely built up some hype and popularity over the years. Some even believe it to be a magic cure for illnesses and diseases. But in reality sea moss does not treat or cure your health problems. Yes, sea moss does have significant health benefits since it is so nutrient dense. But like with anything , it needs to be paired with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Sea moss being a magic cure is a myth! It’s great for your body and overall health but unfortunately, it does not treat any pre-existing health problems. It may help with symptoms but it is not a cure.

There you have it - 5 of the most common myths of sea moss explained and debunked. There is so much information now on the internet about sea moss , some true and some false, it is hard to tell which information you should trust. Although we are not medical professionals , we are sea moss experts.

If you have any questions about sea moss we are always here to answer them!

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